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N3XTWAVE is an art collective that was started in June 2023 by our artist colleague bleu281. He gathered a small group of visual artists of various generations and styles, different backgrounds and nationalities, yet all based in Europe, and all exploring the digital medium. Through brainstorming we quickly established N3XTWAVE as a perfect name for us. As ‘N3XT’ symbolizes the concept of advancing towards the future, while ‘WAVE’ refers to the waves of innovation and creativity - we agreed that N3XTWAVE embodies the essence of our collective as the new, fresh influential art group, that will possibly impact the current art scene.

N3XTWAVE Animated GIF Logo by Francoise Gamma
N3XTWAVE Animated GIF Logo by Francoise Gamma


For now N3XTWAVE consists of 12 members located in: France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Ireland.

Here are brief introductions for each of them.

Bleu281 - is a digital artist from Germany. Through old releases of open source image manipulation software, namely GIMP, he creates on-chain artwork ranging from retro-RPG art to abstract pieces.

Ugo - Ugo is a new generation artist and jeweler based in France and active on the NFT space since May 2021, starting on Tezos. He explores the digital art in these experiments (pixel art, glitch art, VR, 3D, abandonware). He also created ‘OK digital’ a curation of digital artists in the blockchains space and which allows to discover the current computer art scene.

V5MT - has been releasing her GIFs since Tumblr ‘2010, and took part in many net art projects and shows. In her motion designer career she has created engaging animated stickers for numerous popular apps and brands. She still enjoys making experimental animated art and has been minting it on the blockchain since early 2021.

Francoise Gamma -  highly acclaimed artist that has been around for almost 3 decades creating online art in the early Internet era.  With their highly recognisable style of low-polygon pixel glitchy GIFs, that often explore retro computer graphics tools, they have been showcased in many online and IRL exhibitions. Before N3XTWAVE member of the legendary net art ‘Computers Club’.

Lucas Lejeune - French contemporary artist, motion designer, VJ and writer, exploring a wide variety of disciplines and formats. 2D radicalist. In the context of N3XTWAVE and Web3 - mostly focused on the GIF format with geometric-based, organic, eerie, hypnotic monochrome loops.

Datura - French designer, art director, 3D modeler, and digital artist based in Paris. Her work revolves around generative moving patterns and animated landscapes or objects.

Nicholas Dietrich - painting since the 1990’s, Dietrich now employs pixels instead of brush marks.  His main area of interest is how our thinking is affected by science and how this can be reflected in art.  His most significant influence is early Twentieth Century painting, characterized by a cool palette, simplified forms and dithering.

Danctrl - Danilo Xhema is an Italian digital artist with a background as a traditional painter. The constant search for the concept, the various chromatisms and simplicity are the basis of his work. Through gradients and vectors, the fluidity of chance meets digital painting.

Element_Lee - is an artist known for experimental pixel art made with a cellphone.

K0ch - Emiliano, better known as k0ch, is a multidisciplinary Argentinian artist who lives in Spain. Trained as a programmer and software developer, he has worked in diverse areas such as generative art, interactive installations, sound art, collage, and performance. His works often explore the relationship between humanity, technology, and nature.

Mostwrongking - digital artist with a background in indie gamedev who started a blog called ‘POST-WEB’ on Tumblr in 2016. Main directions: abstraction, GIFs, pixels, psychedelic aesthetics.

Zhecon - visual artist specializing in crafting enchanting worlds and captivating characters. He unfortunately couldn’t take part in our drops so far, but hopefully will join us with the next ones.

N3XTWAVE Animated GIF Logo by Francoise Gamma
N3XTWAVE Animated GIF Logo by Francoise Gamma

N3XTWAVE Mission

Our mission is simple: we aim to unite active European artists in the ever-evolving digital art scene, with a straightforward yet powerful goal — to create and share our art with the world.

Our collective is also a response to all the art groups representing other regions of the world - we wanted to join our forces locally in Europe. Although we may come from different countries and other continents, we are all situated in Europe, where we live and work in nearly synchronized time zones, simplifying our collaboration.

Through this vibrant team, we mutually inspire each other, fostering creativity through our diverse backgrounds and artistic perspectives. We are eager to explore exciting themes for the N3XT events and collaborations, and developing new exciting projects, while keeping on exploring blockchain with its all new technologies and possibilities.

N3XTWAVE Animated GIF Logo by Francoise Gamma
N3XTWAVE Animated GIF Logo by Francoise Gamma
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