BRIDGE - North meets South: N3XTWAVE x NEWTRO Collective Drop

Project Concept, Statement, Organizing, Text & Visuals: V5MT / Animated Logos by Francoise Gamma / Banner & Flyers by stippingpixel / Protoworld Gallery builders: Ugo, Datura & Eltito + glb Bridge: V5MT & Eltito.

Theme: BRIDGE - North meets South

Minting start:  January 3rd


Network: ZORA

BRIDGE Flyer designed by stipingpixel
BRIDGE Flyer designed by stipingpixel

N3XTWAVE Collective Artists:

Bleu281 / Francoise Gamma / V5MT / Datura / Jerome Allavena / Lucas Lejeune / Nicholas Dietrich / Ugo / k0ch / mostwrongking / Element Lee

NEWTRO Collective representing LatAm Artists:

(Selected by N3XTWAVE)

cap'n / stipinpixel / mariana Ju / Pipi Universel / Ed Marola / m.suksu / Moranicol / Danyrus / / Aura / Santiago Ruau

BRIDGE Concept & Mission

BRIDGE is a collective synchronized drop on Zora, connecting two distant geo-regions: the North, represented by Europe-based N3XTWAVE Collective, and the South, represented by Newtro Arts Collective with the selection of Latin American artists.

The BRIDGE theme was inspired by the bridging technology - the main mechanism of Layer 2 networks, such as Zora, that connects two separate networks enabling assets to be transferable between them. Just as on the blockchain - in this project - BRIDGE event is a way of bridging the two distant hemispheres and their artist communities, who are joining forces in this massive collective art release.

The BRIDGE code-word with its multiple meanings is the cornerstone of our mission to unite distant regions and build a borderless Web3 community that thrives on diversity and innovation.

This project also aims to bridge the disparities in representation within the art scene between the Global South and the West, seeking to transcend inequalities caused by differing political, economic, and cultural contexts. With this project we want to provide equal opportunities for all artists, and create a more balanced and interconnected global art community that celebrates diversity and different origins as its greatest strength.

We see BRIDGE as a symbol of unity, transformation, progress and endurance.

The BRIDGE drop occurring at the transition from the old to the new year, symbolizes bridging the past and future while embracing a creative intersection of tradition and innovation in the art world.

With our synchronized drop, we hope to make a significant impact shaping the Web3 landscape, while celebrating its accessibility and the wide range of opportunities it offers.

BRIDGE Event Flyer designed by V5MT
BRIDGE Event Flyer designed by V5MT

BRIDGE Participants & their contributed works

BRIDGE collective drop features a selection of artists coming from different generations, backgrounds, styles, and geographical regions, yet all getting together with one theme and their own creative interpretation.

N3XTWAVE Animated GIF by Francoise Gamma
N3XTWAVE Animated GIF by Francoise Gamma

THE NORTH - N3XTWAVE Collective Introduction

N3XTWAVE is an art collective consisting of artists based in Europe, brought together by artist bleu281 in June 2023, with the initial goal of organizing physical exhibitions locally. Currently, however, the Collective is focused on Web3-based projects, exploring the blockchain, various NFT marketplaces, and enjoying organizing creative events and collaborations.

As of now, N3XTWAVE is 13 artists located in countries including France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Russia. While some members originate from distant continents, all currently reside in Europe.

N3XTWAVE artists participating in the BRIDGE drop include: Bleu281, Francoise Gamma, Ugo, V5MT, Datura, Lucas Lejeune, Nicholas Dietrich, Element Lee, k0ch, Mostwrongking, and the new member of the group - Jerome Allavena.

Newtro Arts Identity
Newtro Arts Identity

The SOUTH - Newtro Arts Introduction

Introducing Newtro Arts, here are words from themselves:

“Newtro is a cultural manager and artist collective developing new means for sustainability through technology and community empowerment.

We offer workshops and support to bridge artists into web3, fostering a vibrant collective and providing the knowledge and tools necessary for artists to thrive in the evolving landscape of tokenized art.”

In this drop Newtro Arts is represented by the following LatAm artists: cap'n, stipinpixel, mariana Ju, Pipi Universel, Ed Marola, m.suksu, Moranicol, Danyrus,, Aura and Santiago Ruau.

BRIDGE Event Flyer designed by stipingpixel
BRIDGE Event Flyer designed by stipingpixel

BRIDGE Artworks Collection

As a result of this North-South creative fusion - the BRIDGE collection is a diverse and versatile body of work, showcasing a wide range of techniques and aesthetics, making it captivating and appealing to a wide audience.

Find all the BRIDGE pieces embedded below. The artworks from both groups are shuffled randomly for an accidental order and a seamless experience.


Mint the BRIDGE

Distributed exclusively on the ZORA platform and minted on its L2 ZORA network, the BRIDGE collection becomes accessible through a free-to-mint open edition release.

By minting BRIDGE artworks, you join us in building a bridge of creativity and collaboration across distant art communities. Your participation contributes to the growth of a more interconnected, diverse, and harmonious Web3 landscape.

Let’s celebrate the merging of talents from the North and South together! Don't miss the chance to be part of this historic drop — mint now and support the artists of this groundbreaking project!

NEXT BRIDGES - The future of team collaborations

We hope this event is only the beginning of collaborations among creative communities, regardless of their geographical distance or existing divisions. We believe that there is always a connection through shared hopes, dreams, and the drive to create art. We are convinced that any differences can be brought together with a creative initiative.

With our mutually inspired energy and innovative technology of the blockchain - we want to shape a future where creativity knows no boundaries, where art is a universal language that unites us all, and where our efforts shape a more inclusive and harmonious landscape of Web3.

We want this project to inspire others to keep on building a more vibrant and integrated space, promoting creativity, understanding, and cooperation for the next generations to come.

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