ALIEN Drop by N3XTWAVE Collective

Banner by Bleu281 / Text by V5MT

Theme: ALIEN

Minting: November 14th + 30 Days


Network: ZORA


Ugo / Bleu281 / V5MT / Danctrl / Francoise Gamma / Datura / Lucas Lejeune / mostwrongking / Nicholas Dietrich / k0ch / Element Lee


N3XTWAVE is an art collective formed in June 2023, bringing together artists based in Europe with the goal of organizing and hosting IRL exhibitions locally. Currently, we consist of 12 artists from different countries, backgrounds, and generations, all dedicated to creating digital art and deconstructing pixels. Some members explore pixel art, some delve deeper into glitch art, while others experiment with abandonware or VR, generating fantastic drawings, animations, and patterns.

Our inaugural project was the WAVE Drop in September 2023, marking our Zora genesis. Now, we've successfully released another one.

Flyer designed by Bleu281
Flyer designed by Bleu281


ALIEN is a theme of the drop by N3XTWAVE Collective, tokenized on Zora Network, and distributed as a free mint.

Inspired by the ever-coming back mystery and question โ€˜Are we alone in Space?โ€™, and the multiple encounters of spotted UFOs.

We wanted to dive into this subject, unleash our creativity, and re-interpret the portrayal of aliens known from pop culture and movies. Watch our artists explore the imagery of extraterrestrial beings, incorporating familiar motifs, yet completely unique interpretations.

Immerse yourself in a fusion of otherworldly aesthetics and earthly imagination as N3XTWAVE artists explore the enigmatic realms beyond, inviting you to contemplate the mysteries of the cosmos.

We want to challenge perceptions and invite contemplation about the possibilities of close encounters with the extraterrestrial entities and the mystery of cosmos.

ALIEN collection exhibits a rich diversity, showcasing works in a variety of techniques and aesthetics. Each artwork is created with the artist's favorite tools and distinctive style.

ALIENS on ZORA Front Page
ALIENS on ZORA Front Page

Beyond ALIEN Meanings

While this theme isn't just focused on the basic concept of beings or phenomena from outer space, we chose it for its rich array of meanings and interpretations. From extraterrestrial exploration to symbolic references like otherness and diversity, creativity and unconventionality, isolation VS unity, intersection of real and imaginary, innovation and evolution, spiritual and existential inquiry, and metamorphosis and transformation.

ALIEN can also symbolize spiritual or existential exploration, prompting a deeper inquiry into existential questions and reflection on the mysteries of existence and the nature of consciousness.

Exploring the blurred lines between reality and imagination, ALIEN invites contemplation on the fluid nature of perception. Standing at the intersection of the known and the unknown, we invite you to reflect, question, and dream.

Metaphorically, ALIEN symbolizes diversity, acknowledging the "other" in society and encouraging inclusivity.

The theme also refers to unconventionality, signifying a departure from the norm, encouraging artists to explore unconventional ideas and push the boundaries of creativity.

ALIEN VS Blockchain & WEB3

Taking up this theme, we want to draw parallels between the meanings of ALIEN and the blockchain & Web3 technology.

Starting with decentralization - blockchain & Web3 operate on a decentralized network, eliminating the need for a central authority, mirroring the concept of ALIEN, often associated with something foreign or outside a central or familiar context. Moreover, it's worth noting that in reality, blockchain and Web3 are still largely unknown to most of today's society.

Another aspect is tokenization - as blockchain involves creation of tokens representing ownership of digital assets, tokenization in the context of ALIEN might be seen as representing the unique identity or characteristics of something foreign or otherworldly.

Yet another aspect is innovation and evolution โ€” as the ALIEN code-word is associated with futuristic or advanced technology and the potential of innovation and its impact on society. In line with this, we tokenize this collection on the blockchain, embracing the opportunities this new technology brings and contributing to the shaping of the Web3 community.

Another parallel lies in the concept of an interconnected ecosystem. Just as it exists in blockchain & Web3, forming a seamlessly flowing digital network, similarly, in the context of ALIEN as something foreign or different, it may symbolize an interconnected yet diverse ecosystem of ideas, cultures, or entities.

In conclusion, the exploration of these connections shows interesting analogies between the concept of ALIEN and the advanced technologies of blockchain and Web3.

And this is why the ALIEN theme is so compelling and relevant, serving as a thought-provoking bridge between the realms of extraterrestrial exploration and the innovations of blockchain and Web3, inviting us to contemplate the intersections of the unknown and the technological future.



Let's delve into providing some insights into each piece within this collection.

Each artwork can be minted right from this page.


Title: Alien Form

Artist: Francoise Gamma

Medium: Animated GIF (Low-Res 1bit Pixel Style)

Alien Form by the legendary net art artist Francoise Gamma mesmerizes viewers with its enigmatic allure, rendered in a soft, low-res 1-bit pixel style. The animated GIF captures a delicate enigmatic alien entity, suspended in an infinite spin. The artist's masterful use of limited pixelation evokes a sense of mystery and ambiguity, and the slow endless motion creates a meditative experience, encouraging the audience to immerse themselves in the ethereal presence of this digital entity.


Title: Force Field

Artist: Element Lee

Medium: Animated Loop (8bit Pixel Style Animated Drawing)

Force Field by pixel artist Element Lee is a captivating animated loop set in a minimalistic sci-fi landscape. In this 8-bit pixel style composition, ethereal alien entities gently float, guarding the mysterious cave on a distant planet. Artistโ€™s use of pixel art brings a nostalgic aesthetic to the futuristic scene, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the serene yet enigmatic atmosphere of this scene.


Title: KTALK_1

Artist: Datura

Medium: Animated GIF (Monochromatic Glitch Art)

KTALK_1 by Datura is a captivating monochromatic animated GIF that explores the intersection of abstract pixelation and glitch aesthetics. In this minimalistic composition, an ethereal alien entity materializes through glitchy pixel blocks, floating in a mesmerizing dance. The use of black and white tones enhances the enigmatic allure of the piece.



Artist: k0ch

Medium: Animated GIF (Monochromatic)

CR3ATURE by k0ch is a mesmerizing monochromatic animated GIF that unveils an abstract, mysterious alien being reminiscent of a crystal formation. The enigmatic entity unfolds in a delicate shivering motion, exuding an ethereal charm through its otherworldly design. With this portrayal of the unknown k0ch is blurring the boundaries between the organic and the artificial.


Title: Taking

Artist: Bleu281

Medium: Animated GIF (Minimalistic Linear Monochromatic)

Taking by Bleu281, crafted using the GIMP open-source program, is a striking minimalist animated GIF. The artwork showcases a hovering UFO with what appears to be a large alien eye peering from within, creating a thrilling atmosphere as it illustrates the act of abduction.


Title: UFO Down!

Artist: Ugo

Medium: Animated GIF (Glitchy Pixel Style)

UFO Down! by Ugo is a mesmerizing animated GIF that unfolds the chaotic beauty of a glitchy pixel-style UFO crash in the deserts of a distant planet. Against a backdrop of softly flickering starry space, Ugo skillfully captures the essence of deconstructed pixels, inviting viewers to contemplate the relation between technological disruption and cosmic serenity.


Title: Extraterrestrial Flow

Artist: Nicholas Dietrich

Medium: Animated GIF (8bit-Game Style)

Extraterrestrial Flow by Nicholas Dietrich presents a mesmerizing animated GIF featuring an endlessly flowing grid of pixel alien icons in an 8-bit game style. This straightforward visual concept is complemented by a statement from the visionary thinker Buckminster Fuller, predicting our current reality of living in a world filled with unseen elements such as electricity and the Internet. The rhythmic flow of this animation keeps the viewer hypnotized, inviting reflection on the mysteries that lie beyond our sensory comprehension.


Title: Sighting

Artist: Danctrl

Medium: Digital Art (Experimental Vector Graphics)

Sighting by Danctrl is an artwork a bit different from the artist's usual minimalistic gradient style, offering a new experimental quality. The artwork resembles a view from a spaceship, detecting alien craft flying ahead. Accompanied by a playful description calling for help due to the imminent arrival of aliens, it adds a delightful touch of humor to the piece.


Title: ฮ›LI3N_Grl

Artist: V5MT

Medium: Animated GIF (Glitchy Pixel Animated Drawing)

ฮ›LI3N_Grl by motion artist V5MT captures the essence of extraterrestrial beauty in a softly dithered animated drawing. With a 64-color palette and glitchy pixel block patterns, a green big-headed alien girl gracefully emerges, introduced with a haiku-like description. The piece is an example of V5MT's continuous journey into experimental animation since her Tumblr activity in 2010.


Title: Alien Upload

Artist: Lucas Lejeune

Medium: Animated GIF (Minimalistic Linear Black and White)

'Alien Upload' by Lucas Lejeune is a strikingly minimalistic black and white animated GIF that captures the essence of extraterrestrial mystery. With clean linear design, the artwork depicts UFO in the act of abducting abstract geometric crowds of people, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. Lejeune's distinctive and widely recognized style further elevates the visual impact of this captivating artwork.


Title: 99.907%

Artist: mostwrongking

Medium: Animated GIF (AI Animation)

99.907% by mostwrongking is a compelling animated GIF that delves into the classic depiction of a green alien with big eyes. The creepy alien creature undergoes a hypnotic transformation in an endless morphing, captivating viewers with its ever-changing facial expressions.


Title: ALIEN Event Flyer

Artist: Bleu281

Medium: Digital Art (Pixel Dither)

This captivating artwork, extracted from the ALIEN event flyer designed by Bleu281, featuresย  an enigmatic orb or ring with a vibrant green center that invites interpretation as either the eye of an alien or an extraterrestrial artifact. The simple yet powerful design captures the mystery of the unknown, encouraging viewers to think about the hidden meanings in Bleu281's cosmic creation.



We hope that with this collection, we have sparked your curiosity and ignited imaginative journeys. These artworks are more than just visual expressions; they are tokens of creativity, innovation, and a collective exploration of the unknown. With the enigmatic theme of ALIEN, we want to leave you inspired, questioning, and open to the limitless possibilities where art, the unknown, and technological innovation intersect. We encourage you to embrace the diverse perspectives and interpretations presented in this series by making them a part of your collection.

Mint your own ALIEN and join us in this unique fusion of art and technology!

Thank you for joining us on this exploration, and may the spirit of curiosity continue to inspire your creative journeys!


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